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You'll find My blog to be a wealth of information, covering everything from local market statistics and home values to community happenings. That's because we care about the community and want to help you find your place in it! Please reach out if you have any questions at all. I would love to talk with you! Nashville is hot! Neighborhoods are being revitalized, homes renovated, and businesses are opening up left and right.


Nashville holds a ton of attraction, people are genuinely nice (they won the title of “World’s 8th Friendliest City”), the vibes are positive, people are sincerely happy, the food is plentiful, there is beautiful scenery, and it’s growing fast! Nashville has niche neighborhoods like New York but on a smaller scale. You’ll hear 12-South, West Nashville, East Nashville, Mid-town, Germantown, The Gulch, these are just a few neighborhoods and they all have their own draw and feel. One thing you will notice is that within each neighborhood, a strong sense of community can be found. “Love your neighbor” is not just a bible scripture here folks, people live and breathe this motto to the core, no matter the neighborhood. When you are here, you are family.

Tennesseans embrace growth

Because Middle Tennessee is still growing there seems to be considerable support for anything that can’t easily be found here. Locally-owned businesses are included in this. Because the area is still building up its fine-dining scene and its cultural food scene, anything beyond biscuits and gravy (although this is a staple around here) is heavily applauded and supported. Small businesses are quickly adopted by the community and do really well here. Artists studios are frequented. This area is hungry for culture! In Franklin (20 minutes south of Nashville) they got their first Boba Tea shop two years ago (of course, I felt my dreams had been fulfilled) it was well-received and heartily supported by the community…mostly by folks who had never even heard of boba before. It’s pretty clear, Tennesseans are ready and wanting new things. It’s awesome!


I came to Tennessee by way of the Indiana, go Hoosiers! I was blessed to have owned and operated a successful real estate business in Seymour Indiana for 20 years.  I did work 24/7 most of my life.  Very little time to enjoy family or friends.  Moving to the South and Tennessee changed all that. I am still a hard worker, it's in my DNA!  Good news! Family time, and work time are equally valued here in the South. Embracing this notion has changed our lives for the greater good! The first year living in TN, we enjoyed more cook-outs, bonfires, dinners, and outings with neighbors and our kids than we ever did anywhere else. What a blessing!


If my kiddos are sick, I can nurture them back to health, and not feel divided between work and their illness.  I can take calls, and work from home if needed. This is a norm in Middle Tennessee! It’s your duty to take care of your children in the South, and folks don’t make you feel guilty for doing so… because they are doing the same!  Yes, families will flourish here and it’s a refreshing change experienced by the many, not the few. The positive family vibes are a big attraction too! Williamson County has some of the best public schools in the state and country! There are wonderful parochial schools all around the Greater Nashville Area too! 


Day one, you will notice how much cheaper life is here in comparison to MANY OTHER STATES! A lot cheaper! Let’s just talk about car registration. Here in my county (Williamson) it is $76 (no lie!) to register your car the first time!! $54 just to renew your registration. You’ve just saved the cost of a plane ticket in comparison to many other states… Every year you’ll save! Have I mentioned there is no personal income tax in Tennessee? Yes, there is a sales tax of 8% (and upwards of 10% in some cities) but no state income tax. Also, housing is affordable. The median home in Nashville is $290,000. Gas for your automobiles is also considerably cheaper too. (Averaging currently $1.90 per gallon.


Situated in the center of the Nashville Basin, Middle Tennessee is buffered by natural beauty on all sides. We are bordered by the Cumberland Highlands, and the Cumberland Plateau, with the geography of our communities characterized by the fertile farm lands, rich natural beauty and diverse wildlife. The Cumberland River flows through our counties, with numerous tributaries and lakes providing waterfronts in a landlocked state, uniquely beautiful and rare. The Duck River is 284 miles long, and is the longest river located entirely within the state of Tennessee. It originates in the "Barrens" on the Highland Rim in Middle Tennessee, and flows through seven middle Tennessee counties before reaching its confluence with the Tennessee River near New Johnsonville. The river is characteristic of long deep pools, and shallow stretches of mini-rapids not to mention Normandy Dam and smaller drops. It's boundaries include caves, cliffs, waterfalls, farmland, developed communities, two state parks, and the Yanahi WMA. It supports more than 50 species of mussels, over 20 species of snails, and more than 150 species of fish. The Duck River is one of the most bio-divers rivers in the U.S. yet only 32.7 miles are included in the scenic river program. Whites Creek, Manskers Creek, Stone River, Mill Creek, and the Harpeth River, as well as Radnor Lake, which is often referred to as “Nashville’s Walden “are just a few of the waterways where residents and visitors find a variety of activities and an idyllic retreat from the hustle of the city. Williamson County’s municipal area parks include: Aspen Grove Park, Assault on the Cotton Gin Park, Collins Farm, Del Rio Park, Dry Branch Water Quality Wetlands, Eastern Flank Battle Park, Fieldstone Park, Fort Ganger, The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, Jim Warren Skate Palaza and Park, Liberty Park, Pinkerton Park and Winstead Hill. We have Skating areas, skate parks, sailboat marinas, dog runs, senior programs, special population programs, cultural arts classes, hiking trails, nature programs, sports leagues and public art galleries. The 23 state parks of Middle Tennessee include Bicentennial Mall, Cordell Hull, Fall Creek Falls, Long Hunter, Port Royal, South Cumberland, Standing Stone,  Radnor Lake, Montgomery Bell, Harpeth River, David Crockett, Bledsoe Creek, Burgess Falls, Dunbar Cave, Henry Horton, Mousetail Landing, Rock Island, Tim’s Ford, Sgt. Alvin C. York, Old Stone Fort, Johnsonville, Edgar Evins and Cedars of Lebanon, ensuring that for every visitor, there’s something exciting-or relaxing-to see and do outdoors in Williamson County. 





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Realtor-Tanye's Fall Home Checklist

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May 17, 2020

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